Overdraft Services

Swiped your debit card a little too enthusiastically? Overdraft protection’s got you covered.

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Don’t get caught slipping

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You’re not alone if you’ve swiped your debit card with confidence, only to be met with the “insufficient funds” message. If you accidentally spent more than you have available (it happens to the best of us), overdraft protection can help you cover the difference.

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Swipe with confidence

Skip the awkward "transaction declined"

Life (or those must-have pair of shoes) can throw a curveball in your finances. Here’s how overdraft services1 can help:

  • Got unexpected expenses? Our Overdraft Transfer service automatically transfers funds from a linked Georgia’s Own account to keep you covered.
  • If your balances fall short of covering checks, electronic transactions (ACH), or recurring debits, our Overdraft Protection service has your back to allow payment of those transactions (avoiding them being returned due to insufficient funds).
  • Don’t get caught short at checkout: Opt-in to overdraft coverage for one-time debit and ATM transactions to avoid declines.
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Low funds? No worries

Don’t sweat the small stuff

We’ve got your back in more ways than one:

  • Need a little extra cushion? An overdraft line of credit kicks in when there isn’t any money in your accounts to cover the transaction—you only pay interest when you use it.
  • Be a financial pro! Set up alerts when your checking account dips below a certain amount so you can avoid overdrafts before they happen.

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1Overdraft services are available to members 18 and over who are in good standing with the Credit Union. We may approve certain transactions that overdraw your account. Under our Overdraft Protection for checks, ACH transactions, and recurring debits as well as our Overdraft Protection for one-time Debit and ATM transactions, we will charge a $35 Overdraft Fee as outlined in our Truth-in-Savings Fee Schedule, each time we pay an overdraft. Under our Overdraft Services, we will charge an Overdraft Transfer Fee of $6, as outlined in the Truth-in-Savings Fee Schedule, each time an overdraft transfer from one of your other accounts is initiated, unless that account is a line of credit in which case the daily interest due charged. Whether your overdrafts will be paid or not is in our sole discretion and we reserve the right not to pay the overdraft. We also reserve the right to require you to repay your overdrafts immediately or on demand. Read our Overdraft Services Disclosure for full details.