Special Accounts

Estate, conservator, trust, and fiduciary accounts to make money management easier in any situation.

More than just transactions

Whether there’s a death in the family or you’re facing other big challenges, you shouldn’t have to worry about managing money. We have the accounts you need to administer your loved ones’ finances or estate.1


Your peace of mind—our highest priority

We offer a range of accounts to simplify administration during challenging times:

  • Estate Accounts for paying debts and distributing inheritance after a loved one dies
  • Guardian/Conservator Accounts for managing the finances of a minor or incapacitated person
  • Trust Accounts to support a Revocable Trust or Irrevocable Trust
  • Representative Payee/Fiduciary Accounts for receiving Social Security or Veteran Affairs benefits for people who are unable to manage those benefits themselves

Track your savings on the go 

Meet the ultimate time-saver: the Georgia’s Own mobile banking app. Available on the App Store® and Google PlayTM.

Special Accounts FAQs

We require these documents to open an estate account:

  • Original Letters Testamentary or Administration
  • Certified copy of the Death Certificate
  • Executor’s identification
  • IRS letter with the EIN number issued for Estate

We require these documents to open a guardian/conservator account:

  • Certified copy of Letters of Conservatorship and/or Guardianship
  • Adult Ward’s identification card, or Social Security card and/or birth certificate if a minor
  • Guardian/Conservator identification

We require these documents to open a trust account:

  • Certification or Abstract of Trust (usually created at the time the trust documents are drafted)
  • Trustees’ identification
  • If applicable, IRS letter with the EIN number issued
  • Additional documents as requested by Georgia’s Own

We require these documents to open a representative payee/fiduciary account:

  • Letter showing appointment of Representative Payee from SSA, or Fiduciary from VA
  • Beneficiary/Ward’s identification
  • Representative Payee/Fiduciary’s identification

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1The information on this webpage is not for the intent of providing legal, tax, financial planning or investment advice. We encourage you to seek financial, tax, and legal advice from professional advisors with respect to any particular issue you may encounter. Where appropriate, please contact the probate court or its equivalent in the jurisdiction where the property is located for further information on the probate process.