Breaking down the basics of contactless credit cards

Have you noticed how there are dozens of ways to pay with your credit card these days? From tapping, dipping, or swiping, to mobile wallets, our payment methods are continuously evolving. Many financial institutions are switching to contactless credit cards, and for good reasons—it makes paying faster, safer, more efficient, and more secure. With the tap of your credit card, you can make purchases in seconds, all while ensuring your card’s information is protected. Before you make your next trip to the register, learn more about the benefits of using contactless credit cards.

What is a contactless credit card?

Contactless credit cards are a new payment method that allows you to make purchases with just a quick tap. They are powered by RFID technology to communicate with contactless-enabled payment terminals. Payment terminals transmit high-frequency radio waves. When you place your card within two inches of the terminal, it connects and authenticates your payment information. Then, your purchase is verified. They also have an EMV chip and credit card number, expiration date, and magnetic stripe, so if stores don’t have a contactless reader, you can make purchases using the other methods.

What are the benefits?

There are dozens of benefits. Tapping to pay takes less than a second, which is quicker than inserting or dipping a chip card—and significantly faster than cash. Because they are an almost instantaneous payment method, you’ll spend less time waiting in line and have more time to enjoy your favorite coffee. They are also just as secure as a chip card. Each contactless transaction creates a unique, one-time code or password to safeguard your payment information, thus reducing your chances of becoming a victim of fraud.

How do you use one?

All contactless card payments work the same way. Here’s how to use yours:

  1. Make sure your card has the Contactless Indicator, and ensure the merchant’s credit card terminal has the Contactless Symbol. The Contactless Indicator and Symbol are four curved lines and look similar to a WiFi symbol.
  2. When prompted, hold the card within one or two inches of the Contactless Symbol.
  3. Wait for confirmation. If your purchase is approved, you’ll hear a beep or see a green light or checkmark. That’s it!

Where can you use it?

Contactless payments are becoming popular at establishments across the country. You can use your contactless credit card at your favorite places, whether it’s the coffee shop, restaurants, vending machines, grocery stores, taxis, and so much more, ensuring you can swiftly and securely make purchases.

Georgia’s Own is thrilled to provide members with the convenience and accessibility of contactless credit cards, plus low rates, enhanced fraud controls, and more. Don’t have a Georgia’s Own Visa® contactless credit card? Learn more or apply today.

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