4 ways to save on sporting events

Man and woman cheering team on at sporting event

For many people, their lives revolve around sports. It’s how they connect to their families, bond with strangers, and choose to spend their hard-earned money. Sure, you can catch a game on television, but for some, that will never beat the feeling of sitting in a packed stadium, taking in the sounds and smells, and enjoying their favorite team. However, tickets can be a little pricey—especially now due to inflation. Worry no more sports fans: here are four ways to save on sporting events.

1. Use a ticket resale site

Let’s say you and your friends want to see your favorite team last minute. You get excited, look at ticket prices, and frown—the tickets are too expensive, and you can’t justify spending that much money. The solution? Ticket resale sites. These sites allow people to buy and sell tickets at various prices, making this a good option for people trying to purchase last-minute seats. You can often find multiple tickets at different prices, allowing you to see your favorite teams at a lower cost.

Use caution and be aware of the face value of the tickets you are attempting to purchase on these sites. Don’t automatically assume that the tickets sold on these sites are the best or cheapest—some people buy and resell tickets at a higher price, looking to make a quick buck. If you find tickets below face value, this can be a safe, easy, and affordable option for sporting events.

2. Buy tickets in bulk

Many teams offer discounted rates for groups larger than eight or ten, which could be anywhere from $50 off or 20% off the total price. It’s a great, cost-effective way to enjoy a game with friends. What could be better? This deal usually depends on the stadium or team box office, but if you reach out, you may receive a discount. Finding a large group of people to go to a single sporting event with you isn’t always easy. If it’s not an option, you can try finding individual seats in a section (which can sometimes be cheaper). If you have a large friend group, buying in bulk can make for an inexpensive and fun-filled outing.

3. Plan and budget

Planning and budgeting seem like an obvious answer, as most people who are effective budgeters set aside money to use for entertainment costs. However, with the rising prices of sports tickets, concessions, and more, you need to set aside a larger sum of money to attend a game. One solution is to pick a game in the future, set aside money, and save. Once you reach the time to purchase your ticket and go to the game, you may have even saved up enough money to get a higher-quality ticket.

With a Georgia’s Own savings account, you’ll have a secure place to store your cash that you’ve worked so hard to save—and reach your goal in no time. We even offer goal-based savings, so you can make sure whatever funds you set aside will be used towards your next sporting event or even a vacation.

4. Use team memberships

The easiest way to get specific deals and memberships for your preferred sports team is to become a member of your team’s fan incentive group. Sometimes these organizations have membership fees, which are usually not expensive, but more often than not, these groups put you on a text or email list at no cost. These notifications allow you access to specific deals only available to members, such as reduced ticket prices, packages, and more. You’ll also have access to priority seating and higher-cost items for a reduced price. For example, some sports offer four- or five-game ticket packages. This can reduce costs while also offering other perks, like great seats and access to other parts of the fan experience.

There are other ways to obtain low-cost tickets through buying from people on resale sites, negotiating with friends, or finding a ticket through social media. However, these four ways of buying sports tickets can allow you to experience live sports without breaking the bank. So go out and enjoy that game with your family and friends—now you can afford it!

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